WOD – Wed, Aug 2


August fitness challenge: MOBILITY! Accumulate 280 minutes of Mobility work.

  • Accumulate 10 minutes of Mobility per day
  • If you miss, you can make up that time elsewhere. However, we do not recommend doing an hour of stretching once a week and would rather you do a little stretching every day.
  • Mobility can consist of any combination of soft tissue foam roll/ lacrosse ball work and basic stretching. Here’s a great 10 min mobility video you can do: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dBYjU7iBpck
  • Sign up and track your time on the whiteboard in the gym

JP CrossFit – WOD

Shoulder Press (2 rep max!)

Metcon (4 Rounds for reps)


1: 5-10 strict HSPU

2: 15/12 cal row

3: 20 sit ups

4: rest

Rx+: 16 GHD*, 10 burpee

to target instead of rest!
*if you are new to GHDs please do NOT do 16 each time- scale down to 10-12. Must have at least 10 rx v-ups in order to use the GHD during a workout.

Score is how many reps you did per round- it should be the same number every round.