Community – Sat, Feb 17

JP CrossFit – Community

Metcon For experienced Athletes (Time)

For time, in teams of two, partitioned how you like

1 mile run

100 push ups

200 kb swings

300 lunges

400 lateral hops

1 mile run

36 min cap!

Rx+: unpartitioned, weighted lunges
Scale runs to take 10 min or less. Athletes can create rounds going i-go-you-go, or they can chip away at the wod as written. Work does not need to be split evenly. Partners can split the run (800m each) or if you enjoy running, do 1mile each together at the same time.

Workout for New/returning from hiatus athletes (Time)

For time, in teams of two

800m run

75 push ups

150 kb swings

200 air squats

300 lateral hops

800 m run (optional)