JP CrossFit – WOD


JPCF is participating int the TYPE 1 Takedown fundraiser on November 5th. Type 1 takedown benefits a 501c3 foundation named Diabetes Wills way. Diabetes Will’s Way is a nonprofit that serves young people across the entire United States. Will’s Way has issued grants in nearly every state, serving families who land in the type 1diabetes healthcare gap. Those families have insurance but are still unable to afford the costs associated with T1D, including hospital trips, insulin, insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitors. Signing up for the Type 1 Take down Costs $25 and can be one here https://www.type1takedown.com/signup . You don’t have to sign up to participate in the workouts.

Row, Row, Row Your Boat (Time)

With a 6:00 clock for 5 rounds

   500/400m row

     21 burpees

      12 pull ups

–Rest the remainder of the time–
Scale row to take about 2:00. If you row under a 2:05, do 500m.  Burpees should take under 1:30ish. Scale number of burpees or switch to up downs. Pull ups should be something you can do in 2-3 sets (under a min). Ideally you have 1:30-2 min of rest. Goal here is consistency. Score is lowest time remaining on the clock per round i.e. round 1 I had 2:00 of rest but round 3 I had 50sec of rest. My score would be 50 sec. You will need to keep track of time for all rounds to determine your score.