JP CrossFit – WOD


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Max Plank Hold

reps= total seconds in plank

Handstand Hold

Reps= seconds

Max Distance Handstand Walk

Every 5ft unbroken counts. Reps = feet traversed. Once you complete 25ft you have two options: turn around and do it again for distance, or start including obstacles.

Max Handstand Walk Over Plates

This will be harder to score. You must lay down an even number of plates i. e two 10’s for both hands. The distance you walk leading up to your objects doesn’t matter. As you test, try creating a simple pyramid shape with your plates i.e. 10’s, 25’s 10’s. For reps, calculate total inches of plates you used.


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)


10 power snatches*

10 burpees

10ft handstand walk

*Rx: 95/65
Sub 2 wall walks for handstand walk

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