WOD – Tue, Feb 13


Come to the JPCF Semi-Formal Formal dance party Friday, Feb 16th @ 6:30pm. Rsvp with this link so we can have a head count for catering! Please come, even if you didn’t participate in the P-Cup! Wear your fanciest, most feel-good outfits!


JP CrossFit – WOD

Clean (Build to a moderate single(80-90% 1rm). Take about 90-100% of the build for this metcon weight (185 is max). )

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

With a partner, I-go-you-go


5 wall balls

3 burpees

1 clean

*Rx: 185/155/135/105, 20/14, 10″/9″
The open is here, we will no rep your wall balls 🙂 Aim for 30 +/3 rounds. Partners alternate each round.