WOD – Tue, Feb 13


Important announcement! We will be closed tomorrow (Tuesday) morning and through noon class in anticipation of the storm. Weather tells us it’s going to be pretty brutal. As of right now, we’re keeping evening classes open, but want to express that we may cancel those if getting to the gym becomes unsafe. We will let evening folks know that the gym is cancelled via wodify announcement, email announcement, Facebook and slack announcement, in addition to cancelling the classes on wodify platform. I’ve extended 24/7 access to everyone who currently has it from the p-cup. Email info@jpcrossfit if you would like access. I will put up a gym wod and an at-home wod (pandemic-style) for folks.

JP CrossFit – WOD

Clean (Build to a moderate single(80-90% 1rm). Take about 90-100% of the build for this metcon weight (185 is max). )

Gym Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

With a partner, I-go-you-go


5 wall balls

3 burpees

1 clean

*Rx: 185/155/135/105, 20/14, 10″/9″
The open is here, we will no rep your wall balls 🙂 Aim for 30 +/3 rounds. Partners alternate each round.


At-home WOD (Time)

For time


db cleans (hang if you don’t have a mat)

weighted or unweighted lunges

shoulder to overhead
Note this is 100 reps of each. Scale down to 1-8 for a little under 60 reps.