WOD – Thu, Jun 22

JP CrossFit – WOD


This is a reminder that this Saturday at 12:30pm we’re hosting a special community workout to fundraise for OutAthletics. We changed the format and registration will no longer be required! Just show up/sign up on Wodify if you’re a member! Please bring friends and family! So far we’ve raised just under $500…but I want moooooore (said to the tune of Ariel)! All 5$ costs for non-members attending will go to OutAthletics and any other money folks would like to donate.

Metcon (5 Rounds for reps)

5 rounds of 3:00on/1:00off

Cardio option*

in time remaining, max unbroken pushups

*Your Options

500/400m row

400m run

1.0 k/.9 k bike (echo bike)

.7 mile/.6 mile (assault bike)
You’re welcome to switch between cardio modalities. Cardio component should take around 2:00-2:10 to complete. Push ups must be completed in the work minutes and must be a single unbroken set. Try to find a scale that allows you to hit at least 10 in a row for most rounds.