WOD – Thu, Dec 1


WOD – Thu, Dec 1

JP CrossFit – WOD

Metcon (Weight)

Build to a heavy complex of

   1 power clean

   1 hang squat clean

   1 squat clean
You can drop from the top after the hang squat clean in order to fully reset and brace for that last squat clean today. We’re looking for fast feet out in to squat position, and a fast pull under.

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)



      Bar over burpee

        –1 squat clean*–

*Rx: 135/95

Rx+ 185/125
Burpees go up every round but the squat clean remains at one. This should be a weight that you couldn’t chain. Aim for around 9-12 rounds. This gets fun realllll fast!