WOD – Mon, Nov 20

JP CrossFit – WOD


Grinder: this is going to be HARD and HEAVY. Don’t go out too hot, but embrace the suck. It is a hero WOD after all. Just keep moving.

Marsha P. Johnson (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)


buy in

92 dubs

7 burpees

in remaining time:


7 deadlifts

24 box jumps

400 m run

Rx: 205/155, 24″/20″

Rx+ : 275/205
Today is Transgender Day of Remembrance so we are doing a hero workout. This memorial workout from OUTAthletics dedicated to Marsha P. Johnson. As an African-American trans woman, Marsha P. Johnson “has been consistently been overlooked both as a participant in the Stonewall uprising and more generally, LGBTQ activism. As the broader gay and lesbian movement shifted toward leadership from white cisgender men and women, trans people of color were swept to the outskirts of the movement.”