Week 6: Overhead Position

JP CrossFit – Olympic Weightlifting

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Clean complex (6×2)

Clean + Front Squat + Jerk

Start at 70% of your Clean & Jerk and work your way up to 80% over the course of your six sets.

Power Snatch (6×1-2)

Sets 1-2) Doubles at 75%

Sets 3-4) Doubles at 80%

Sets 5-6) Singles at 85%

Percentages based on your heaviest power snatch.


Alternate sets between the two exercises, taking about a minute of rest after each set. In other words, do a set of 2 front squats, then rest, then a set of 2 push presses, then rest, etc.

This is optional strength work for after class.

Front Squat (5×2)

Start at 85% of your max front squat and work up to 90%.

Push Press (5×2)

Start at 85% of your max push press and work up to 90%