Community – Sun, May 19


We’ve made room in the Murph heats!

Ring Rows will be done over by the mural wall with the rings being hung from the high rings and the wall-mounted rigs. If you were on the waiting lists, I was able to shift you into the heats you indicated you wanted to be in. If you are planning on doing ring rows, please sign up in the ring row section of each heat!

Also, don’t forget to sign up to bring something to the potluck! The sign up is at the bottom of the sheet.

JP CrossFit – Community

Metcon (Time)

For time, in teams of 2, i-go-you-go

2 mile run or 5k row because rain

100 db plank drags

100 lateral hops

100 russian twists

100 db clean and jerks

35 min cap!
Partners can split up the run however they like or, if y’all are planning on doing murph, both partners should do all of the run together. New folks should cut the volume down by at least 25% and consider only running 1 mile (cumulative)