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Registration for How to get a Kipping Pullup is now officially open on Wodify! (limit 12 athletes)

When? Sat, July 9th

Time? 12:30-1:30pm

What? Class 1: How to get a Kipping Pullup!

Prerequisites: Full range of motion pullup and 3 second hold w/ chin over bar, each with band assistance (2″ band); and 10 second hang on a gymnastic bar without assistance

Metcon (Weight)

E90 sec for 5 rounds

3 Front rack split squats per leg
6 total split squats per round. Build in weight across sets.

Split Jerk (moderate 4×1 )

Build to a moderately challenging weight (75-85% 1RM) and hit it 4 times. Form is key focus.

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