JP CrossFit – WOD

High-Hang Snatch (Find a moderate 4×2)

Last week we did a “hang” power snatch double. This week we do a “high-hang” power snatch. This will limit how much weight you can lift and that’s okay. Practice on HITTING the right position on your snatches. Should feel snappy.

Metcon (Time)

“Look Familiar :)”


Pull up


Power snatch*

*Rx: 75/55

Rx+ 95/65

10 min cap!
You might remember these exact movements last week, in this exact order, but as a heavy, longish AMRAP. This time around weight should be LIGHT and nearly unbroken and the WOD is for TIME. Jumping pull ups are a great sub today. What a great way to learn stimulus:) Excited for your fitness 🙂

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