01/21/2022 WOD

JP CrossFit – WOD


Metcon (No Measure)

12 minutes to find a heavy snatch, then:


1 snatch
So I know we just did this last week with the clean and jerk, but it was so much fun and really set folks up for success, so we’re doing it again with the snatch!

The weight should be challenging from the beginning, and stay the same for all 9 rounds. Aim for 75-95% of your 1RM if you have one. You can’t add weight midway, so choose wisely!

Hit Rx if you keep the same weight the whole time.

If you’re relatively new to the gym, do 2-3 light reps per round, adding weight if appropriate. Score is heaviest weight for any single rep.

Snatch (12 more minutes to find a 1 rep max!)

Power Snatch

Squat Snatch