WOD – Wed, Nov 23

JP CrossFit – WOD

Crash and Burn Championship Round (Time)

For time
unbroken pull ups
directly into
unbroken push ups
directly into
unbroken double unders

18 min cap!!
You must work through alllll of the pull ups before moving onto push ups and the same for push ups before double unders. You can take as much rest as you need between sets, with the knowledge that there’s a 18 min time cap! If you fail in a set, you must re-do that set. For example say I’m on the set of 9 push ups and I fail on the 8th rep, I cannot move on and must re-do that set of 9 unbroken push ups. This is a game of recovery and muscular stamina. Ideally it takes you about 3-5 min for pull ups, 4-7 for push ups and 3-5 for dubs.

Metcon (No Measure)

Tabata (8 total rounds of 20sec on/10 sec off)

    4 rounds of hollow rock

    4 rounds of superhumans