WOD – Fri, Aug 18


August fitness challenge: MOBILITY! Accumulate 280 minutes of Mobility work.

JP CrossFit – WOD

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)


Partner A: AMRAP cal row

Partner B: 1 round of :

7 odd object over the shoulder clean

1 box get over with object*

7 odd object squats

1 box get over with object

*Rx: 40″box
Choose a heavy sandbag, something that requires you to use your knees before you transition to over the shoulder toss. You must essentially do an 8th clean to get object onto shoulder and onto box. You may push the object off the box or climb over the box with the object on it and roll it onto your shoulder for squats. A round should take about 1:15-1:30. Switch roles once Partner B completes a round.