Week 6: Three-Position Snatch

JP CrossFit – Olympic Weightlifting

Read this! https://www.catalystathletics.com/exercise/65/3-Position-Snatch/


Two weeks ago, we practiced getting into the power position with the segemented clean deadlift. This week, we’ll start in the power position and work backwards by snatching first from the hip, then from the hang, then from the floor.


Snatch (8×1)

Take your first working set at 70% of your max Snatch and work up to 95%.

These heavy singles are intended to be the last prep for next week’s 1RMs, but if you want to max out your snatch for pcup points, I won’t stop you. Unless you’re in House Holte.


Hang Power Clean (5×2)

Technique Track: Five sets of doubles at 70% of your power clean. Focus on a nice vertical power position, keeping those elbows high and the bar close – a hang power clean is not a kettlebell swing.

Front Squat (6×3)

Strength Track: EMOM 6 of front squat triples at 70-75% of your max front squat. Keep those knees forward and your lower back tight!