Week 1: Squat Position

JP CrossFit – Olympic Weightlifting

All aboard the train to Gainztown! We’ll be focusing on strength building for this 7-week cycle – we might as well put those holiday calories to use and get freakishly strong along the way!



Clean and Jerk (16×1)

All reps at 75% of your max clean and jerk.

Front Squat (5RM)

12 minutes to find a 5RM. Take a few warm-up sets, starting a little heavier than the C&J’s you just did, and aim to make your 5RM attempt(s) toward the end of the 12 minutes.

Front Squat (1×8)

one set at 85% of your 5RM


This is optional after-class strength work.

Push Press (8RM)

Focus on a vertical dip and drive – no dropping the chest and shifting onto the toes at the bottom of the dip!

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