Olympic Weightlifting

What is Weightlifting?

The sport of Weightlifting is practiced world-wide and has been in the Olympics since 1896. It’s a biathlon sport consisting of two events (the snatch and the clean & jerk), both of which involve lifting a barbell from the ground to overhead.

Some of our athletes compete regularly at the local, regional, and national levels and train the sport five days a week. Others are primarily interested in CrossFit (or another sport), and just train weightlifting on Sundays to gain technical proficiency and explosive strength. And most folks fall somewhere in between.

Sunday Sessions

1:30-3pm Open Coached Hours

For athletes proficient in the competition lifts, this is a time to train together under the direct guidance of a weightlifting coach. These sessions follow the team programming and include technical work, strength development, and accessories.

Our weightlifting sessions do not follow a class structure – you are free to arrive when you can, stay as long as you like, and work through the programming at your own pace.

3pm-4pm Weightlifting On-ramp

For folks new to the sport, these hour-long sessions are a structured deep-dive into weightlifting technique. You should plan on attending the on-ramp sessions for at least five weeks before moving onto the team training, even if you’ve learned the lifts in other contexts, such as CrossFit or a collegiate strength and conditioning program.

Lift JP

Lift JP is a USA Weightlifting sanctioned barbell club and is JPCF’s competitive weightlifting team. Athletes of all experience levels are welcome to join – whether you’re a seasoned lifter or haven’t been in a gym in decades, we’ll be thrilled to have you!

Team members typically devote 2-3 days per week to weightlifting, training in-person on Sundays while getting video reviews from a coach for their mid-week sessions. The team competes four times a year around New England, and hosts an inclusive competition without gender categories or weight classes every fall. Lift JP was founded specifically to be a place where trans and nonbinary weightlifters can thrive.”

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