Olympic Weightlifting – Fri, Nov 4

JP CrossFit – Olympic Weightlifting

Friday Night Weightlifting

Plyo: Squat Jumps, 3×6 . Maybe go a little heavier than you went on Wednesday, but remember that the goal here is building explosiveness, not just strength.

Complex: Clean + Power Jerk, 4×1 @65-70%.  Cleans at this weight should feel very light. The goal of a power jerk is to focus on a vertical dip and a full leg extension without worrying about the timing of the footwork.

Bulgarian Split Squat, 4×6, RPE   Since we’re only doing six reps this time, you should be able to go a bit heavier than you did on Wednesday and still keep it at RPE 8.

Paused Front Squats, 4×4 @70-75%.  Three second pause in the hole, then stand up.

Torso Accessories : Three supersets of 60 second front plank and 20 bird dogs per side.

Clean complex

Bulgarian Split Squat

Paused Front Squat

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