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Tis the season athletes! Its time for the 12 days of Christmas workout! this workout is completed just like the song “12 Days of Christmas”. So, you will start with 1 wall walk- then you will complete2 thrusters and 1 wall walk- then 3 squats, 2 thrusters and 1 wall walk- all the way up to the 12 squat cleans! The workout will end with your 12th and final wall walk.

Pop the top, light the fuse, have fun and happy holidays folks!!

Speaking of season, last chance to sign up for the JPCF Secret Squirrel gift exchange today! $30 limit and gifts exchanged on Jan 6th ugly sweater party!

12 Days of CrossFit (Time)

1 wall walk

2 DB thrusters

3 goblet squats

4 DB deadlifts

5 burpees over the DB

6 plank DB pull throughs

7 DB snatch

8 push-ups

9 DB hops

10 weighted lunges

11 sit ups

12 DB squat cleans

Rx: 50/35