Community – Sat, Nov 18

JP CrossFit – Community

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

AMRAP 28 min

Team of 3

Partner A:

300m row

Partner B & C I-go-you-go:


60 wall balls

60 lateral wall balls

60 medball situps

60 medball squat cleans
This is a slightly funkier format but essentially one partner stays on the amrap for 2 rowing cycles. For exp, once partner A is done rowing, they will jump in onto the AMRAP with partner B (who will continue amraping) while partner C goes to rowing. Once C is done rowing, B will get a turn at the rower and C will re-join A back on the amrap. Partners decide how they want to split up the work i.e. doing sets of 5 or 10 wall balls. Remember it’s i-go-you-go so you’re rest is during the amrap when you’re not working. Scale row to take a little over a minute