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Founded in 2020, the Type 1 Takedown raises money to benefit Diabetes Will’s Way, a 501c3 non-profit that serves young people across the entire United States. Will’s Way has issued grants in nearly every state, serving families who land in the type 1 diabetes healthcare gap. Those families have insurance but are still unable to afford the costs associated with T1D, including hospital trips, insulin, insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitors.

In just two years the Takedown’s has raised more than $23,000 in CrossFit gyms beginning in central Indiana and expanding nationwide from coast to coast and border to border.

If you would like to donate to the cause, please follow this sign up link. Sign ups are what fund the majority of the cause and cost $25.

Sugar Free Granola Bar (Time)

5.7 Rounds for time
400m run
4 kb facing burpees
12 kb swings*
4 kb facing burpees
4 See scales*

Final round Reps:
200m run
3 kb facing burpees
9 swings*
3 kb facing burpees
3 see scales*

Beginner: Pull ups, 12kg/8kg
Scaled: chest to bar, 16kg/12kg
Rx: Bar muscle up, 24kg/16kg
The 5.7 rounds for time come from the hemoglobin a1c level of 5.7. An a1c (or blood sugar

level) below 5.7 is considered “normal,” although many — if not most — type 1 diabetics will live

above that number. Having T1D is often an exercise in managing the highs and lows of blood

sugar levels. The up and down of the burpees, KB swings and pull-up movements are all

representative of the highs and lows many of us type 1 diabetics experience.

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