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Jazzie Collins was a black transwoman who did incredible work at the intersections of race, transgender rights, disability rights, tenant rights, labor rights, and income inequality. Similarly to Marsha Johnson and Sylvia Rivera, her activism is an important reminder that while Pride is a glorious time, its representation often still excludes marginalized voices. She organized for Senior and Disability Action, and was the vice chair of San Francisco’s LGBT Aging Policy Taskforce.


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)


Teams of 4:

P1: 200m run

P2: 15 v-ups

P3: 12 push ups

P4: AMRAP wall balls
One player at each station. Players rotate when the runner returns. Rest after you finish your v-ups and your push ups. Score for the workout is the total wall balls. Players cannot start their work until the runner leaves.

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