WOD – Thu, Nov 16


WOD – Thu, Nov 16

JP CrossFit – WOD


Pacer: go out tepid, stay tepid. If you go out hot in the first round, you will die. Goal is to hit within 5 reps of each round

Metcon (3 Rounds for reps)

Fight Gone Bad-Style

3 rounds of:

min 1: box jump overs*

min 2: v-ups

min 3: d-ball cleans to shoulder

min 4: dumbbell lunges*

min 5: toes to bar

min 6: rest

*Rx: 24″/20″, 50/35

Rx+: GHD’s for v-ups, double dumbbell front rack lunges
Do a running count for each round. Score is total number of reps for each round. No standard weight for d-ball cleans–all weight are RX