Jenna Muri-Rosenthal

Jenna Muri Rosentha CrossFit Gym Coach In Jamaica Plain Near Me

Jenna Muri-Rosenthal



Jenna is a former collegiate athlete who found CrossFit in 2015, craving a new athletic venture and change in fitness routine. From her first class, she was hooked: the community, the challenge of learning a new sport, the complexity of skill development, and the intensity and variability in each day kept her coming back for more. Three years into her CF journey, she completed an internship at JPCF, took her L1, and joined the coaching team.

By day, Jenna teaches and practices speech and language pathology with a specialization in brain injury, making her a natural at cuing, modifying, and encouraging folks to do things that *maybe* they don’t want to do at the gym. In her own fitness, Jenna is an “engine athlete,” who loves a long and gross WOD on any given day, and has a passion for Olympic lifting and chasing high skill gymnastics. She is a committed 5amer, a puppy lover, and a sunshine enthusiast who can often be found completing accessory work with bands and/or kettlebells in spare corners of the gym.

Jenna loves helping people achieve new goals, whether it’s a first pull-up, trying keto, tackling mobility, or achieving a bodyweight lift, so reach out to her if you ever need help devising a plan.

CrossFit Favorites

  • Favorite Girl WOD: Karen (or Kelly!)
  • Favorite Hero WOD: Bradshaw
  • Favorite Lift: Power Snatch
  • Favorite Gymnastics Movement: Handstand Push-ups
  • Current Goal(s): Ring Muscle-Ups


  • CrossFit Trainer (Level 1)
  • CrossFit Gymnastics